Fostering for Break has changed my life and has given me a new lease of life

Break Foster Carer

Fostering is offering a home to a child who cannot live with their birth family. This can be for a variety of reasons, including parental ill-health or family breakdown; sadly the most common reason is abuse and neglect.

Children may need to live with their foster family for a few days, weeks or for the whole of their childhood. Foster care is different from adoption in that foster carers do not have parental responsibility for the children they care for. However, the role of a fostering household is hugely important in providing stability, security and a loving home for a vulnerable child or young person.

The children and young people we support through fostering households come from a variety of backgrounds, so we need foster carers from all backgrounds too!

We recognise the time and commitment given by our foster carers so we offer above average payments. Foster carers receive allowances to reimburse them for the cost of caring for a child and a fee in recognition of their time, commitment, knowledge and skill.

Click here to view our Statement of Purpose. Find out who can be a Foster Carer and what Break offers our Foster Carers.

Click here to read our fostering guide for young people. 

Break is a proud member of the Fairer Fostering Partnership, a group of charitable and not-for-profit fostering agencies across the UK whose members look after over 2,000 children in care.
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All Break foster carers receive a market leading, generous weekly allowance and support package

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