Fostering for Break has changed my life and has given me a new lease to life

Break Foster Carer

Who can be a Foster Carer?

We welcome foster carers from many different backgrounds in terms of relationship status, ethnicity, age, sexuality and religious belief.  You can become a foster carer regardless of whether you have had children of your own.  We welcome people who have never been foster carers or who are experienced foster carers.  Whatever your experience we will support and develop you.  We always work hard to match foster carers and child very carefully.

What is important is that you care about children and believe you can help us to change young lives.  Fostering can play a huge part in transforming a young life, helping them to become happy, secure and successful young people.

Foster carers need to be able to value young people and to be able to commit to care for young people with sometimes complex needs and all this entails. We want foster carers who are aware there will be challenging times, and also rewarding ones, and who are able to work with the child at the child’s own pace and, above all, be able to provide a loving and caring home.

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