is the amount we claimed in Gift Aid from donated goods last year

It is so good to know that my donated goods to Break can make even more money for the charity and at no extra cost to me

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a great way to add value to your donations to Break charity shops.

Break operates a very successful Gift Aid scheme on donations brought in to our shops. If you are a UK taxpayer you can sign a form which will give Break an extra 25p on every £1 when your items are sold in the shop. It is easy to sign up in the shop and you will be given a card with a dedicated number, which you can then produce each time you make further donations. So if the value of your donated goods is £10, Break can claim an extra £2.50 from the taxman.

Before we make the claim we will write or email to inform you of the money raised from the sale of your donations.

You can either sign up in one of our shops or contact retail@break-charity.org and we will send you the details.

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