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Young person in care

Emotional Wellbeing Service

The Emotional Wellbeing Service, delivered by Break Family Centre, is available to care leavers aged 16 and over. This support is to help care leavers prepare for transitions, such as moving into independent living, becoming a parent, or starting employment.

Sessions will provide them with a safe and confidential space, tailored to meet the young person’s individual needs and preferences; this might be to help them understand and manage their emotions, process past experiences or develop positive coping strategies. It will enable them to feel more positive, maintain healthy relationships, and successfully engage with education, employment or training.

Thanks to funding through the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Department for Education’s Innovation Fund, Break is able to offer the emotional wellbeing service to young care leavers across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Jessica Myhill

"I like this service because it is reaching those young people who could potentially be missed and who do not meet the threshold for NHS mental health services. I feel it gives an important safe space for the young person to focus on their emotional wellbeing throughout the difficult transition from being in care to becoming an independent adult. This service is great because it is completely led by the young person and individualised to their needs."

Jack's story

Jack was 19 when he was referred to the Emotional Wellbeing Service to help him manage his feelings of loss and anger after the death of his mum.

He had trouble controlling his anger; he would shout and could be very volatile, particularly when it came to the relationships with his family.

The Emotional Wellbeing Service was able to offer Jack 12 weekly one-hour sessions to try to help him manage the way he feels.

During these sessions Jack would talk to and do activities with his Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, Laura, who offered support and techniques for Jack to manage his feelings. They did creative and practical things like making a model volcano and a bird box to help Jack see how his feelings can build up inside, and what he can do to manage this.

Jack now lives independently and still receives weekly support from Break. He is now much better at managing his feelings; he is happier and speaks very highly of Laura and his sessions with the Emotional Wellbeing Service.


Of young people we are supporting through Staying Close, Staying Connected are using our Emotional Wellbeing Service.

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