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Staying Close, Staying Connected

This vital project is in support of young people leaving their children’s homes aged at just 18 or sometimes even younger. The project’s aim is to ensure that young people are supported in their transition to adulthood and, as it is piloted, it is shaped by ongoing feedback from the young people receiving the service.

This partnership project is fully funded until March 2020 through the Department of Education’s Innovation Fund. We are working with our partners (Norfolk and Cambridgeshire County Councils) to ensure that it continues, as it is critical that young people have a safe place to practise being adults, make mistakes and learn from them. We have worked with young people in all aspects of their lives to ensure their transition to adulthood is as smooth and as full of opportunities as possible.

Over the year we have listened to those using the service and made adaptations along the way. The young people told us they wanted to find a job, so we recruited a dedicated Education, Employment and Training worker. The young people said they wanted apprenticeship opportunities, so we agreed to charitably fund up to five apprenticeships across all the work Break does.


Walk in my shoes
We asked some of the young people supported by the Staying Close, Staying Connected project to write about what it’s like to be them. Here is one example:

Making a referral
This project has very few referral criteria:

  1. The young person needs to be moving on from a placement in a children’s home or have recently been in a children’s home
  2. They need to want to be part of the project
  3. They need to be able to live with other young people

Apart from the above (which are predominantly set by the parameters of the funding), we are happy to have a consultation about any young person – from the age of 15. We will talk to those who know the young person best, meet the young person to talk about the project and what they want and begin to plan how we support the young person to move to independence.

We will work with the team around the young person and support existing important relationships. We have a mechanism in the project to fund support staff from children’s homes to continue outreach with the young person. We will get alongside young people as soon as we have accepted the referral and help prepare them for the transition to independence.

Make a referral by email or phone using the following contact details:

Call: 01603 273530
Email: scsc@break-charity.org

How can you help? 
We ask that you get involved in whatever way feels right to you. We have had pledges from individuals, corporates and other agencies to support the young people in this innovative and vital project. This may be promoting the project to young people and other professionals; sponsoring a young person into work; offering solutions in housing, employment, training; or being a mentor.

Together we can make amazing things happen!

You can contact the team on 01603 273530 or email scsc@break-charity.org


Of the young people we are supporting are accessing our Emotional Wellbeing Service.

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